There is One Thing Women Will Never Understand About Men, and This Quarantine Makes it Painfully Clear

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner
3 min readMar 20, 2020
A man at peace doing nothing.

Nothing drives a woman in a relationship crazier than a man doing nothing.

Social distancing thing has forced men to be home.

No sports, no bars, no hanging out.


Now we’re faced with one of the simplest differences between men and women.

I’m going to take a stab at explaining this to women.

Y’all pray for me.

Ladies in relationships with men, when a guy says he is doing nothing, that means he doesn’t want to do anything.

At all.

No, “Babe, do you mind doing this right quick?”


For some reason, women seeing a man doing nothing somehow makes her feel as if she can suggest something.

And because he is doing nothing, he should stop doing nothing and do something she wants.

Because after all, he is doing nothing.

On the flip side, when women say they are doing nothing, it means they are doing something but around the house.

A woman doing nothing means folding, washing, conditioning, wiping, straightening, or something.

To women, nothing is still something that must be planned and scheduled.

Then they complain on social media about how tired they are every day because they had to do something.

Without ever acknowledging that they could have done nothing if they chose to.

On the other hand, men don’t to be bothered with anything when they choose to do nothing, no matter how much you find something to do.

Let me reiterate, nothing to men means we don’t want a plan.

Nothing also means we might do something we want or we might do nothing at all.

But doing NOTHING is still the priority and whatever we decide, it should be up to us.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner

Some people call me a guru. I don’t correct them.