Mitch McConnell. Got. Us. F’d. Up.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner
4 min readDec 30, 2020
Moscow Mitch with a MAGA hat.

Some people will suffer as long as the people they dislike suffer.

It’s nauseating.

We like to call them Kentucky voters who keep electing Mitch McConnell.

Across the rest of the United States, we call them the ‘Uneducated Republicans of Small Town, USA’.

You see, throughout history, these self-professed, conservative, God-fearing Americans have created and supported such ‘American as apple pie’ ideas, as slavery, lynching, The Lost Cause, the Ku Klux Klan, revisionist storytelling aka States Rights, sprinkling cheap confederate war criminal statues across the country, Jim Crow, Red Lining, Poll taxes, Trickle-down Economics, gerrymandering, the Tea Party, Q Anon, All Lives Matter, Karen’s, the Proud Boys and a plethora of conservative, and all-to empowering slogans such Make American Great Again and Own the Libtards.

But today, I want to focus on current events, choose my words precisely, and let y’all know one thing.

A GOP controlled Senate does not GAF.

Mitch McConnell and the crew made it abundantly clear.

This $2,000 stimulus is supposed to be for sick, struggling Americans, many of whom haven’t worked in months, and most of whom have witnessed and suffered the death of almost 400,000 loved ones since March.

This doesn’t even include the sick and shut-in.

Mitch gives no f*cks.

BUT…. first, let us uncover what’s really really going on — for the people in the back.

(It’s maniacal, vile, and evil so brace yourself.)


McConnell doesn’t really think the GOP is going to lose the Georgia run-offs.

This lack of action right now — will make things worse for Americans in 21–22 because eventually, this printing money, whether $600 or $2,000 will cause a market crash.

His goal is to force Biden to do some sort of stimulus later, and have the hot potato in his hand so that if/when the market does crash, it will rally GOP support for the ’22 midterms because they will blame EVERY DAMN THING on Biden.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner

Some people call me a guru. I don’t correct them.