Whether things go right or wrong, we instinctively understand there’s always room for improvement. And yet, remarkably, we rarely stop to ask ourselves exactly how we could have done better.

Over the last five years, I’ve helped almost two hundred folks publish books.

I’ve had exactly four book projects go…

We all want the good sh*t.

Instagrammable results in life that we can post.

To go viral for our dopeness.

To get all the likes on our filtered pictures.

Money and fame.

The good life.

Or maybe you just want to find the one.

Or to stop the pain you…

Stop comparing yourself to what you see shared online.

Social media isn’t built for the full story.

What you see online is 100% edited.

It’s designed for quick communication.

Sound bites.

Limited character counts.

Here are 6 things we never see that prove comparing your reality to someone else’s veneer…

Trump Terrorists Breaking Through Barricades

Republicans are 99.7% political calculus and 0.3% do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Let me explain.

If the January 6th coup had been successful and politicians would’ve died — they would have placed the entire debacle on Trump's lap, and probably threw Rudy Guliana, Ted…

Moscow Mitch with a MAGA hat.

Some people will suffer as long as the people they dislike suffer.

It’s nauseating.

We like to call them Kentucky voters who keep electing Mitch McConnell.

Across the rest of the United States, we call them the ‘Uneducated Republicans of Small Town, USA’.

You see, throughout history, these self-professed, conservative…

The mantle on the fireplace, just above the Christmas stockings has five of the ever so popular seasonal postcards on it.

You know the postcards — with the storybook background of a bright blue sky, punched with fluffy white clouds, lush green landscape, and evergreen tree silhouettes, dusted with glistening…

So listen.


…Is in a weird place.

Thanks to the Grand Ole Party.

It’s no secret that the majority of the world is socially and politically growing more and more progressive and the last four elections prove it.

As a matter of fact, according to the Pew Research Center…

Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya,
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya,
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya,
Oh Lord, kumbaya.

The urban dictionary defines “singing Kumbaya as - to engage in a show of unity and harmony with one’s opponents or enemies.

Now that the election is out of there’s this wave of ‘America needs…

April 17th — DJT tweets — “Liberate Michigan,” and voila…

Here we have a group of racist, gun-toting, Christian, Trump supporting, Confederate flag-waving, MAGA hat-wearing, proud boys.

Two of the guys were part of the armed crew a few months back at the Capitol gun rally.

Trump was asked to…

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner

Some people call me a guru. I don’t correct them.

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